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ZIA Instructions: Shrink-Iron On-Ect.

ZIA Instructions: Shrink-Iron On-Ect.

Shrink Film Instructions
PolyShrink™ General Instructions

Sand with 320-400 grit sandpaper in a crosshatch pattern.
Apply design and background color.
Cut out your design with regular or decorative scissors. Punch holes with a paper punch. Holes shrink too!
Place on medium weight cardboard, or a teflon sheet. Avoid baking on bare metal. Bake in a regular or toaster oven at 300 degrees to 350 degrees F (148 degrees to 175 degrees C) for approximately 3 minutes, or heat with an embossing heat tool.
After shrinking, most pigments become permanent. Your design will be about 45% its original size and about  1/16th inch thick.

Transfer Film Instructions

The paper can be used with a simple Sharpie marker.

Typical instructions are to use your irons highest temperature setting with NO STEAM!

Use as a hard a surface as possible. An average ironing board may give to much to offer even pressure to the transfer surface.

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