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Mary Tangles http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com Mary Masi Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT)–Tangling Zen with Zentangle Sun, 30 Mar 2014 21:28:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8 Plotting the Blog http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2014/03/plotting-the-blog/ http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2014/03/plotting-the-blog/#respond Sun, 30 Mar 2014 21:27:48 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=451 more »]]> To repeat for those who come to this page by another route….

This blogging portion of the larger Mary Tangles site is still under construction. Well, more, it is under creative organization :) .

I am looking for a way to organize and present the many ideas, observations and lessons Zentangle gifts to me, so these nuggets and gems can be shared in a logical, easily read environment.  One might say I’m trying to “landscape” cyber space to make a lovely garden–out of what can sometimes seem like a wildly-growing weed patch of ideas inside my head.

Please check back!  You can also sign up for both the newsletter, and–most directly– the Feedburner email to receive notifications of updates. SEE SIGN-UP FORMS BELOW>>>

Soon!… Mary

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Classes and Events http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2014/03/classes-events/ Sun, 30 Mar 2014 21:22:15 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=1 more »]]>

Listing of Mary’s Current ZENTANGLE Classes:

Fridays 1:15-2:15 pm

at Sarasota Mindfulness Institute, 1530 Dolphin Street, Unit 6, Sarasota, FL 34236
Cost: $10

Zentangle parties are very popular.
Mary brings Zentangle (and chocolate) to YOU!

Please use the “Contact Me” link for more information


Contact Me http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2014/03/contact-me/ Sun, 30 Mar 2014 21:21:31 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=218

Fall 2012 Newsletter http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2012/10/fall-2012-newsletter/ Tue, 16 Oct 2012 17:32:47 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=435 more »]]>

Zentangle ~ Yoga ~ Ageless Grace!

Fall 2012

Looking forward to reuniting!

What’s in store….

Ah…Fall is in the air! Lately, I think of fall as a time to return to nature.  When I lived in the North, fall was time to gather in, a time to build a nest and prepare to withdraw from communing daily in the out-of-doors life. Here, in Florida, fall takes an opposing place in the cycle of my life.  Fall has become a time to plan and prepare for getting out, for diving in, for turning over fresh, new leaves.

This fall’s new leaves include the recent completion of my Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Teacher Certification, and beginning to teach my first series of ” Yoga for Meditation” classes, at the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute. I’ll also be teaching a new Zentangle® series with an even deeper focus on mindfulness and the meditative applications of the Zentangle® Method.  I’m also studying Reiki and Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction meditation course, both purely for personal development.

I’m SO excited about this new season!

I’ve, also, just begun teaching Ageless Grace with Parkinson’s patients.  I have never worked with a more humbling, inspiring or admirable group.  I continue to teach Nia and Ageless Grace with the ladies in Newtown, as a part of the Senior Friendship Center.

So much to look forward to and be grateful for!

Warmth to you all this Fall!
~ Mary

RYT-200 Logo

Yoga For Meditation

Yoga for Meditation is a series of movements and sustained poses, specifically targeting strength and flexibility in the hips, legs, back and torso, to facilitate our ability to maintain a meditative posture with ease.
Poses are just one part of the activities that comprise the full spectrum of what we refer to as “yoga”. Meditation is the goal of the complete yoga practice. The poses were originally designed to strengthen and stretch the body, so it is prepared and able to sit in meditation for as long as we choose.
Yoga for meditation will help you achieve comfort in body as we sit in meditation–allowing you to sit with greater focus and for longer periods of time.  Each posture with have a mirrored version which can be done in a chair. We will warm the body with slow, tai-chi-like movements, then hold select postures for sustained periods, in the style of Yin Yoga.
This class is good for beginners and experienced yogis, alike.  You will work to your depth, learning to maintain keen awareness of your body and the sensations within.
Wednesday    5 to 5:45pm
(Group meditation begins at 6pm)
Friday             11 to 11:45am
(Group meditation begins at Noon)
Sarasota Mindfulness Institute
[at Dolphin & Orange]
Cost $8 suggested donation

Please use the contact form at
Mindfulliving.me   to request more information.

More Soon

More Classes to Come!

I usually send out only one newsletter per season.  I’m hoping you will be patient and tolerant if I touch your INBox again in the near future.  So many exciting prospects are on the horizon. And, I am hoping that some more dreams and ideas become manifest in the next few weeks!

In the meantime….

Go INJoy!

Have fun with Halloween!

Zentangle Pumpkin by Chica
Zentangle Pumpkin by Chica at http://www.chicaandjo.com

Zentangle Workshop at ReFlex

Sunday, November 18 2:00-5:00 $30 fee

People have drawn mandalas for centuries as an exercise in mindful, artistic meditation. Zentangle takes it one step further by using art as a mode of personal expression while also focusing your mind in art meditation for stress relief and inner harmony. Our Zentangle class teaches you basic design and drawing techniques that are all a part of a fascinating method of artistic mindfulness. Let your creativity wander as you design beautiful tiles that are as attractive as they are unique. You don’t have to be artistic (well, actually, we are ALL artistic; you may just not know it yet!) and you need no drawing or meditation experience. Just join us and have fun! Your mind will wander and your fingers will take over as you give yourself permission to honor your innate creativity.

Taught by art teacher and RYT-200 certified yogi Mary Masi, you’ll not only get a warm and encouraging introduction to Zentangle but you’ll be treated to a guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, and an afternoon of fun that provides you with ideas and inspiration for future projects to do on your own anywhere.

Zentangle is a soothing, fun practice that helps with stress in a positive way. Fun to share with children or friends and useful as well, you can decorate cards or gifts with expressions of your heart, or make beautiful designs to frame for your home, all the while experiencing inner peace, relaxation, and discovering an outlet for the complex inner workings of your mind!

Students may wish to bring a personal sketch pad and fine marker or ink pen to the class, but only if you want to keep your work in a personal journal or sketchpad. We are happy to provide paper and writing instruments for practice during the lesson. You only need to bring an open mind and your wild imagination. The Zentangle workshop includes materials, healthy snacks, art and meditation guidance.

Visit the ReFlex Web site for more: http://www.reflexarts.com/yoga_workshops.html


Tangling This Moment Series

Tangling This Moment is a new series of classes with a pin-point focus on engaging in the Zentangle® Method as a vehicle for enhancing and developing our ability to be aware in the present moment.
Within each tile, there are the string, the patterns and, most fundamentally, individual lines.  Each line, here and now, is drawn with deliberate attention to its shape, its placement.
We will explore getting beyond the tile, the string, the pattern (and the pattern-picking).
We will explore movement within the tile, the string, the pattern (and stilling our approach to pattern-picking).
We will practice utilizing the concept of “the pattern” and the unique, pre-established method for laying each line in the pattern upon the page.
We will use this process as a tool for bringing us present.
Schedule & Costs:
The class will meet in for 5 weekly sessions, beginning on Tuesday, October 30th, from 7-9pm.
4 of the session will meet on Tuesdays from 7-9pm.  The session in Week 3 session (11/17) will be a Saturday field trip to Selby Garden, for tangling in conjunction with what we observe in nature.
The cost of the series will be $60, plus the cost of your own admission to Selby Garden for the field trip. (Individual session will be $20).
You are encouraged to select your own preferred method of tangling: notebook, journal or Official Zentangle tiles, for example. Please bring your journal or tiles with you to class.
Tiles and other materials will be provided for the project planned within each session, at no additional cost to you.
Micron pens will always be available for you to borrow, though it is recommended that you obtain your own pens.

This class with be held in the beautiful home of one of my students.
Thus, out of respect for her home, I will ask you to go to this Web page to express your interest in the class to receive further information:
CLICK HERE to fill out an information request form.


If you know of anyone who might also be interested in anything you see in herein,


forward it on!

Much Appreciation,

Copyright © 2012 Mary Masi, Mindful Living Me, MaryTangles, All rights reserved.Mindful Living Me LLC
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ACE Workshop May 2012 Puzzle http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2012/05/ace-workshop-may-2012-puzzle/ Thu, 31 May 2012 22:43:06 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=408 more »]]> This was an amazing group of 16.  These are the puzzle pieces shared on the last day of the workshop.

I was a bit sad to see this great group come to an end.  Comfort came in wise words from my friend Deborah:

“Endings are curious times. To be honored in the continual flow of things! This is a great way to bow to the experience!”

Enjoy this enigmatic culmination to a truly wonderful experience:

ZIA Instructions: Shrink-Iron On-Etc. http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2012/05/zia-instructions-shrink-iron-on-etc/ Thu, 31 May 2012 20:11:38 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=400 more »]]> Shrink Film Instructions
PolyShrink™ General Instructions

Sand with 320-400 grit sandpaper in a crosshatch pattern.
Apply design and background color.
Cut out your design with regular or decorative scissors. Punch holes with a paper punch. Holes shrink too!
Place on medium weight cardboard, or a teflon sheet. Avoid baking on bare metal. Bake in a regular or toaster oven at 300 degrees to 350 degrees F (148 degrees to 175 degrees C) for approximately 3 minutes, or heat with an embossing heat tool.
After shrinking, most pigments become permanent. Your design will be about 45% its original size and about  1/16th inch thick.

Transfer Film Instructions

The paper can be used with a simple Sharpie marker.

Typical instructions are to use your irons highest temperature setting with NO STEAM!

Use as a hard a surface as possible. An average ironing board may give to much to offer even pressure to the transfer surface.

ACE Zentangle Sessions January & February 2012 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2012/04/ace-zentangle-sessions-january-february-2012/ Sat, 28 Apr 2012 20:59:16 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=333 more »]]> During the process of failed attempts to post these images on the old site, they got mixed up.

I’m not sure which class created each one.

Look through them and see if you recognize your Zentangle.

I’m thinking this may be fun!


5×5 Card Zentangle Workshop March 2012 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2012/04/5x5-card-zentangle-workshop-march-2012/ Sat, 28 Apr 2012 04:18:49 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=323 more »]]> 5×5 Card Zentangle Workshop March 2012

These tiles were created as a “rehearsal” for making a Zentangle decorated greeting card. Students were given a second card to take home and work with at their own pace, rather than within the time constraints of the classroom setting.  Again, this was the March 2012 5-week Workshop group at ACE/SCTI.  This is wonderful example of a group receiving identical instructions and examples, then filtering through individual “lenses” to create wonderfully varied works.


Zentangle Workshop March 2012 Freehand Mandala http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2012/04/zentangle-workshop-march-2012-freehand-mandala/ Sat, 28 Apr 2012 04:06:30 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=319 more »]]> Zentangle Workshop March 2012 Freehand Mandala

These ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) pieces were created during the ACE/SCTI, 5-week, Zentangle Workshop in March 2012.

This project was completed before the official Zentangle Zendala were introduced.  I enjoyed, and still enjoy, the process of creating “freehand” symmetry,  without the pre-tangled rounds of Zendala.  (That said, I truly enjoy the new Official Zendala rounds… in fact I’m in LOVE :). Contact your local CZT to discover Zendala Tiles.)


ACE Zentangle Workshop Group Puzzle March 2012 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/2012/04/ace-zentangle-workshop-group-puzzle-march-2012/ Sat, 28 Apr 2012 03:36:27 +0000 http://marytangles2.jcbiz.com/?p=311 more »]]>

This was a whimsical final project with an amazing result. In the first session, each participant in the ACE/SCTI, 5 week, Zentangle workshop was given a blank puzzle piece.  The assignment was for each individual to explore their own Zentangle experience and then share that unique perspective as part of a collective creation.

HERE ARE THE RESULTS…. Theses images are the same puzzle pieces in different configurations.