HartFiniti: Mary’s Tangled Take on a Classic Shape

HartFiniti: Mary’s Tangled Take on a Classic Shape


First, I acknowledge Lori Howe’s tangle pattern Heartvine.
There is little difference in the look of HartFiniti (though I have never actually drawn Heartvine).  My inspiration was my own tattoo. No, my tattoo is not a heart, :-) …and you will have to meet me to see it!
The HartFiniti difference is all in the stroke.

A continuous looping line, HartFiniti emerged from my restful, quiet mind…A true ZENtangle experience.
I find the repetition truly meditative.

I hope you enjoy it too, with all of my heart!

Here’s what HartFiniti looks like:

hartfiniti Example

Here are the “how to” steps for creating HartFiniti:

HartFiniti How To

Below are Zentangle with variations of HartFiniti:
HartFiniti VariationsHartfiniti Variations 1

HartFiniti Example 2HartFiniti Example 2